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Frequently Asked Questions v1.1 2017.07.24 MSD/JCN

The SFI-TENFORWARD-L mailing list is sponsored by STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. as a forum for both member and non-members to come and share their enthusiasm for Science Fiction, specifically - though not limited to - Star Trek.

SFI-TENFORWARD-L is owned and operated by the Vice Commander, STARFLEET and administered by the list administrator and moderators.

The current SFI-TENFORWARD-L ListFAQ is available on the following website: http://lists.sfi.org/listinfo.cgi/sfi-tenforward-l-sfi.org

Credit where credit is due: The SFI-TENFORWARD-L ListFAQ is based primarily upon the STARFLEET-L Unofficial Mailing List ListFAQ, last updated by Allyson Dyar.

Our thanks go to Chrissy Killian and Allyson Dyar for their assistance and for letting us shamelessly copy sections of their FAQ.

Thanks, Guys!
A. Very Important Information
B. Subscription Instructions
C. Contact information
D. Archives and FAQ
E. Purpose
F. Digests
G. Announcements
H. How to post
I. To post or not to post
J. When it all goes wrong
K. What not to do
L. Moderation
M. What did we miss?
N. Credits

The SFI-TENFORWARD-L mailing list was created to discuss Star Trek, Science Fiction and related Movies, Books, TV Shows, Records, YouTube Videos, Toys, Appliances, Cars, Teddy Bears, Costumes and more.

IT IS NOT A PLACE TO DISCUSS STARFLEET POLITICS, STARFLEET ISSUES/PROBLEMS, or DEBATE STARFLEET POLICY. If you want to do that, head over to: http://lists.sfi.org/listinfo.cgi/sfi-l-sfi.org

They do that over there. That isn't what we do here.

This is also not a place to discuss PERSONAL issues with other List Members. If you are unable to handle the issue between yourselves, find a judge to mediate your dispute. Do not air the laundry on the list.

Also, as with most bars, we're going to mind the store here. If two of our guests start to get belligerent with each other, they will be asked politely, but firmly, to take it outside. I don't care how you feel about the person on the other end of the @whatever.com, but you WILL treat them, and their opinions, with respect here.
If not, well - we've got a couple of Gorn standing by ready to escort you out.

The SFI-TENFOWARD-L is open to both STARFLEET members and non-members.
There are two ways to handle your subscription to STARFLEET-L.

The first method is via the web. Most people file this preferable. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, set digest, and all sorts of other things here.


If you have any problems subbing or unsubbing, please email John Newmark at gavroche@gmail.com

The SFI-TENFORWARD-L list owner is the Vice Commander, STARFLEET

Your first contact for most issues or questions regarding the list should be:
* The List Administrator: John Newmark

If you have questions or comments about subscriptions or the operation of the list, please contact John first.

Moderators will be added and announced as they are.

D. Archives and FAQ
Digests of the SFI-TENFORWARD-L list are available on the server at: http://lists.sfi.org/private.cgi/sfi-tenforward-l-sfi.org/.

These archives are maintained on a space-available basis, and are not guaranteed to be available. In order to access the archives you must be a member of the SFI-TENFORWARD-L list.

Let me re-iterate:
The SFI-TENFORWARD-L mailing list was created to discuss Star Trek, Science Fiction and related Movies, Books, TV Shows, Records, You Tube Videos, Toys, Appliances, Cars, Teddy Bears, Costumes and more.

IT IS NOT A PLACE TO DISCUSS STARFLEET POLITICS, STARFLEET ISSUES/PROBLEMS, OR DEBATE STARFLEET POLICY. If you want to do that, head over to: http://lists.sfi.org/listinfo.cgi/sfi-l-sfi.org

They do that over there. That isn't what we do here.

Role-Playing here is both welcome, and encouraged. Members that wish to post as a 'fictional persona' as part of an RP thread should feel welcome to do so.

As such, pseudonyms are currently welcome on the SFI-TENFOWARD-L.

Announcements of upcoming chapter or region events are absolutely welcome, although we would recommend the announcements also be posted on the SFI-L or Announcements Mailing list instead.

The authority of the list owner and moderators on SFI-TENFORWARD-L is absolute; the list is not a democracy. You are encouraged to adhere to the guidelines set forth in this FAQ and to requests made by the moderators on the list itself.

Whatever freedom of speech laws that are guaranteed to you by whatever country you live in only mean that the government will not interfere with your right to express yourself. It does *not* apply to private individuals or organizations, and most assuredly does not apply to SFI-TENFORWARD-L. You are welcome to express your disagreement with this position on another forum, if you choose, but not on SFI-TENFORWARD-L. In other words, the right to swing your arm stops at the tip of my nose. If you don't like it, you don't have to hang out here.

Yes, you can receive the messages from SFI-TENFORWARD-L in a digest form. You can select that option when you subscribe, or you can change it by visiting: http://lists.sfi.org/listinfo.cgi/sfi-tenforward-l-sfi.org

The STARFLEET Announcements list is a separate, moderated mailing list offering news and information of value to most STARFLEET members. It's relatively low-traffic, and is perfect for anyone who wishes to keep up to date but would rather not be on SFI-TENFORWARD-L.

To subscribe to the STARFLEET Announcements list:

If you have any questions about the Announcements List, write to list-owner and moderator at if you have any questions.

To post a message to SFI-TENFORWARD-L:
* send e-mail to sfi-tenforward-l@lists.sfi.org

That's the short form.

Your entire header (including, for example, To, CC, Subject, and Organization lines) must not be longer than 1,024 characters, to comply with a restriction imposed by the mailing list software we're using.

In general, your Subject line should be brief but descriptive. A subject line such as "Question" or "List post" or "Announcement" or "Important!" isn't very useful. Instead, use a descriptive subject such as "How tall is Ro Laren?" or "Region 7 Conference this November."

So we know who's writing a message to the list, please sign each post to SFI-TENFOWRARD-L with, at a minimum, your name and e-mail address. Keep your signature block (sig block) to around five or six lines.

If you are posting a message that expresses congratulations, condolences, get-well wishes, or requests for prayers or good luck, please make sure you provide the private e-mail address of the individual or group affected, or promise to pass along any replies that are sent to you privately. Such messages are wonderful, but follow-ups to these messages should be in the form of private replies, not list posts.
If you're posting a follow-up message to a SFI-TENFORWARD-L post, make sure your e-mail software is sending the message where you expect it to go. If your To: or CC: lines contain multiple copies of the SFI-TENFOWARD-L address, take out all but one. If your reply is addressed to lists other than SFI-TENFOWARD-L, make sure you're entitled to post to them (i.e., you are subbed to the lists).

This is a closed list, so you can only post from the e-mail address at which you're subscribed. Posts from any other address will bounce.

Please avoid using styled text or HTML encoded text. Post your message as plain text e-mail. If you don't know how to turn off styled text in your mail client, please ask us for help. We have FAQs available upon request for a variety of popular mail clients.
File attachments are absolutely forbidden on SFI-TENFOWARD-L. No ifs ands or buts. Offer to send a file to those who reply privately that they'd like a copy, but files are not to be sent to the list. This includes "business card" files sent along automatically by some mail clients. Turn them off. Turn them all off!


Remember, SFI-TENFORWARD-L is a place to come to relax. To have fun and talk about the fandom that we all enjoy.

Think before you post to the list. You are about to share your words with hundreds of people. If you're mad when you write your message, hold onto it for a few hours before posting, and then look at it again. You may discover you need to reword it... or just delete it unsent.

See the section on "What not to do" before posting, to make sure you are not violating any of the list's rules with your message.

If you believe that there is something wrong with the list, please contact the list administrator, or moderators, don't test it for yourself. This also applies to testing your filters. Please leave the operation and testing of the list to the moderators.
If there's nothing wrong with the list but you have a complaint about something that was posted, please contact the moderators. Most of our activity is done in private. Since we moderate in private, please contact us privately as your issue may have already been dealt with. It is also possible that we haven't received a complaint yet and you may be alerting us to a potential problem.

If you're going to be away from your E-mail for a period of time or your E-mail account is going to be unreachable for a period of time, please either consider unsubscribing or set your subscription setting to digest mode. A full or unreachable E-mail box will generate a bounce notice to the mail software and a large number of bounces can cause you to be unsubscribed from this list. Also, please do not have auto-responders set up on the E-mail address subscribed to this list.

Don't worry, there's a nearly infinite variety of GOOD ways to express yourself on SFI-TENFORWARD-L. The following "don'ts" are of varying degrees of severity, but refraining from committing any of them will help to keep you on the list moderators' good side. If you have any questions, or aren't sure whether something you're about to post violates the guidelines, by all means ask first. Remember, we have Gorn Bouncers and we aren't afraid to use them.

Note that the following isn't an exhaustive list of rules. Please use your best judgement and try to behave maturely.

* No flames or other acts that disrupt the even flow of discussion on the list. We expect you to act like adults when posting here. Feel free to express disagreement with someone's position by arguing your position. Personal attacks are not welcome.

* No forwarding private mail. Messages sent to you privately are not to be shared with the list without the permission of the author. The same applies for messages from limited-access mailing lists. Always seek permission first.

* No forwarding messages to the list for non-subscribers. Some folks aren't subscribed because they aren't allowed to post to SFI-TENFOWARD-L. If someone asks you to share their thoughts with the list, ask them to contact a list moderator. We'll post their message for them if we think it's appropriate.

* No posting copyrighted material without permission. This includes newspaper articles, articles or other material from web sites, wire service material, etc. If you ask, you may find that the newspaper or writer is happy to have you share the material. Ask.

* No excessive quoting. Quote four or five lines of the post you're replying to. If you have more than one point to answer, then of course you may quote the relevant lines for that point also. Do NOT quote the previous post in full, either at the beginning or end of your post. We've already seen it.

* No unmarked spoilers. Provide spoiler warnings in subject line (*SPOILER*) and 20 lines of space before your text, if your post contains info that could be considered a spoiler. See the ListFAQ for details.

* No chain letters. A chain letter is a message that urges you to pass it along to others. Chain petitions, virus warnings, snowballs, and other messages that urge you to pass them to all your friends are forbidden.

* No virus warnings. If you receive an e-mail message warning you of a dastardly virus or prank that everyone should know about, do yourself (and us) a favor and DON'T forward it to STARFLEET-L. Odds are very good it's a hoax, an urban legend, or otherwise bogus. If you get something that seems real please pass it on to one of the STARFLEET-L list moderators for consideration. We'll post it if it seems appropriate.

* No test messages. The listadmins will test the list if it is necessary. If you feel there's a problem, please let us know via private e-mail.

* No advertising or sales pitches, whether to promote something that would benefit you, a friend, or an unrelated company. We make exceptions for chapter fundraisers and the like, but please ask for permission before posting such messages.

* No "me too" posts. Don't bother posting a reply to the list unless you have something to add to the discussion.
If you'd also like the information someone has requested on the list, send a private note to that person asking him or her to share the results of his or her request.

* Avoid personal paging. If you've misplaced someone's e-mail address, or mail is bouncing, or you'd like to get in touch with a list subscriber, there are better ways to do it than wasting everyone's time simultaneously.

* Limit signature blocks to six lines, including all information, decorations, quotations, and blank lines.

* Don't post replies to the list when your message is meant for just the original poster. Check and recheck those headers; save yourself any potential embarrassment.

* Please do not use this list as if it were eBay 'fleet-style. Just post that you have things for sale but do NOT publish the whole list. Just ask people to write you privately.

* No attached files. No styled text. No HTML encoding. Simple, eh? Of course it is! :) For those of you who have trouble with stylized text, here's a URL that explains how to send plain text with whatever email client you are using:


Look, it is simple. If you break a rule, a moderator (or the administrator) will let you know. They'll be clear, and will help you understand the rule, and what you can do in the future.

If you continue to break the rule, or if you get aggressive or ignore things like '*THREAD CLOSED*' posts - then you could find yourself under moderation.
If you end up on moderation a lot, and keep ending up on moderation, then eventually you could find yourself suspended.

If you get moderated or suspended and disagree with the decision, you can take it to the List Owner - the Vice Commander, STARFLEET .

You guys are all smart, you've been on mailing lists before. You know what to do, and really - I'm getting tired of typing. Besides, whatever I put here I'm sure that someone out there will find a loophole in, so instead I'll just say:
Behave, ok? kthxbai.

This document isn't perfect, I'm sure it will evolve as the list grows. Please send comments or suggestions to the List Administrator, John Newmark at gavroche@gmail.com

This ListFAQ is maintained by John Newmark.

Special thanks to Michael Dugas for writing the first version of this ListFAQ, and Chrissy Killian and Allyson M. W. Dyar for their work on the STARFLEET-L ListFAQ, and for letting us copy it. Portions have also been copied from the SFI-L ListFAQ.
The STARFLEET-L ListFAQ has a long, and storied, history; and here is a brief list of those who have had an impact on it:

Chrissy Killian, Allyson M.W. Dyar, Greg Trotter, Dave Blaser, Mark H. Anbinder, Gordon Goldberg, Lisa Berkenbilt, Kurt Roithinger, Donna Friesen

And of course, thanks as well to the many list subscribers who've offered suggestions, and even to those whose indiscretions and blunders have brought to light new issues we've had to address. You know who you are. :-)

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